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Our startup incorporation package includes a 30 minute attorney consultation with a living breathing startup attorney.

Transparent flat fees (includes everything but government & third party filing fees).

Simplified online process using e-signatures.

We only offer one comprehensive package.  If we were to offer any other packages to try and get you "through the door" we would be selling you something that is insufficient or will cause you to violate state corporate laws.  



Our one and only 

Startup Incorporation Package

TSL Startup Package

Certificate of Incorporation

Action of Sole Incorporator


Restricted Stock Purchase Agreement

Board Consent Approving Founders' Stock

A comprehensive startup package.


Initial Board Consent

83(b) Tax Election & Filing Instructions

We file it for you!

Employer Identification Number

* Once you pay the $899 for the TSL Startup Package you will receive an email to complete all the required incorporation information.  Upon completion of the form, you will then be charged for the additional government fees as follows: $139 (DE government fee) + $75 (filing agent fee) + $99 (DE registered agent fee recurring annually).

**By submitting payment, you hereby agree to our Engagement Agreement regarding fees and representation.  Please review the Engagement Agreement carefully before submitting payment.

***We also offer add-ons to our Startup Package for CA securities filings, CA foreign qualification and Nondisclosure Agreements.  See below #5 in the FAQ.

30 Minute Consultation with Startup Attorney

Notice of Stock Issuances

Confidential Information & Invention Assignment Agreement mentioned on...


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